Although some people find it an uncomfortable and troubling topic, planning for your death is essential, because your plans— or lack thereof— will greatly impact your family’s future well being. Too often we put off planning for tomorrow- until tomorrow arrives.  The sad fact is that all of us will pass on and leave loved ones behind. Maybe it will be ten years from now. But maybe it will be tomorrow. It will happen, and we cannot know when. When that day arrives, without a plan in place, the State of Georgia decides what happens to your estate, not you—and rarely what Georgia decides for your family is what you would decide yourself. Gertsch Family Law will help you put together a comprehensive plan that is right for you, your family, and your finances.

How We Are Different...

Gertsch Family Law with the aim to build long lasting relationships with its clients. To be there through the growth and changes life brings to all families. We pride ourselves on personal attention. To us its not about creating a legal document for you, its about listening to you and developing a relationship with you to create a plan that achieves your goals and works when you need it. We look at your current situation, find any existing gaps, develop a plan to address gaps and achieve your goals, and most importantly, follow through to ensure the plan we create works when you need it. 

Estate planning:

Estate planning should not be a bunch of documents you don't understand or an item on a checklist that you check off and never think about again. Estate planning should be a plan that changes as your life changes and addresses risks that could impact your family. Often times, plans are created and forgotten, until something happens, and then its too late to address items that are outdated or items that were never included into the original plan. In short, the plan does not work. 

How do I know this? Because these things have happened in my own family, and I swore it would never happen to my clients when I created my own firm.  And since then, I have seen clients come in who have had this exact experience. Planning is seen as a preparation for death. However, it is much more important to have planning in place when your life is changing and growing because the impact on your family will be greater.

Our Firm Helps You Prepare for Life

What makes our firm different is that we were built with the needs of growing families in mind. We understand you are BUSY, you are growing, you are planning for a life of prosperity and you value ease, convenience and efficiency. You want to know you’ve made the best decisions for your family and that your plan will work when your loved ones need it most. You want to make sure your children would be taken care of in the best way possible and will be prepared to receive your wealth if anything happens to you. By helping you rest easy that your family will be taken care of, you can step out into the world in a more powerful, more enjoyable way.

We develop a relationship with clients to guide you in creating a plan that takes care of your family and allows you to focus on achieving your goals.

We encourage communication with our clients and have structured our fees to bill on a flat-fee basis, so that you can ask those quick questions or talk about future plans without having a surprise bill for a telephone call. And, if you need to schedule a more in-depth legal or strategic call, a call will be scheduled when we're both available and ready for the call so we can make the very best use of your time and not waste time by leaving voicemail after voicemail back and forth.

And, we ensure that we follow through on the most important details of your plan and your plan continues to work throughout your lifetime.

Lastly, we believe your financial wealth is only a small part of who you are. We plan and coordinate the passing of your Family Legacy by conducting family interviews to capture what is most often lost when someone passes- the stories and history, values, experience, and intangible nature of a family legacy. If you are like most people, you plan to capture this legacy, but it always gets set aside and then it becomes a missed opportunity.

Call us today to schedule an estate planning consultation to prepare you and your family for life.

We look forward to seeing you and caring for your family soon!