Trust and Understanding

Family law issues are complex- not only legally, but also emotionally. A trusted advisor can help you focus on the important matters and take care of the legal complexities to help you simplify difficult decisions. We provide individual client attention to tailor our legal advice and guidance to best achieve your goals and serve your family's needs.

Focusing on Solutions

Whether you are planning for your family's financial future after your death, are contemplating divorce or have been served with a divorce petition, or are struggling with child custody or support arrangements- Gertsch Family Law focuses its practice around the needs of your family, and is dedicated to developing solutions to help you achieve your goals. 

During your initial consultation you will receive an overview of the legal process and an assessment of the potential issues you might face. We can assist you with:

Effective and Efficient Problem Solving

While in the courtroom, we will zealously represent our clients. However, most cases can be resolved without the added expense of litigation. In fact, the best outcome for you and your family's future is often not through fierce litigation. An attorney experienced in negotiation will help save you time and money while working to achieve your goals. Your situation is unique and we will develop a customized approach that is specific to your and your family's needs.